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Tinker Hatfield’s latest Nike sneaker is so elusive that the designer himself doesn’t even have a pair. Nor has he seen the final thing, a retro Air Max 1 blasted with shades of radiant grass and forest green, in person. In this era of Zoom design sessions and products made remotely, ...

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As the Air Max 1 celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2022, it appears the pioneering style is set for another hot streak of revived cult classics and new collaborations On March 26th 2022, Nike will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of Air Max cushioning and the Air Max 1 by bringing back some ...

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Nike (NYSE:NKE +0.63%) and its popular Nike SB sub-label had quite themselves the year by launching playful collaborations with Gundam, Parra, Color Skates and more, as well as striking GRs. And while we still have several weeks to go in 2021, we’re already getting a sneak peek into what it...

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